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Watts Petroleum

Watts Petroleum Corp. services many different types of businesses offering them a variety of services including Lubricants.  We carry Chevron and JAX lubricants that are recognized for their quality, performance and technology around the world. We serve fleet services, construction companies, manufacturers, and any company that requires specialized oils and greases that meet specific end user applications.

jaxJAX food grade lubricants are compounded with the industry's finest raw materials and additive chemistries. Formulation decisions are based on performance and quality which ultimately lead to substantial, verifiable cost savings in terms of extended machine life, reduced downtime, lubricant conservation and increased production.


chevron lubricants

logo delo1   has a long history of developing superior lubricants that not only can provide customers with bottom-line value, but also proven performance.

ursa diesel engine oils meet some of the toughest industry standards in the world. We also carry a wide range of greases. Wherever you operate, Ursa can help provide total protection for your equipment. Each of these brands showcases lubrication products that are used daily in passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and industrial machinery.

For Commercial Accounts please call: 434-846-6509 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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